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ILH- Peel Off Liquid Tape/Nail Latex

We are very happy to launch Nail latex. Now you can get top quality nail latex in India also and at reasonable price. Say goodbye to all the mess you get while creating gradients, watermarble and stamping etc. Our ILH- Peel off Liquid Tape is a unique formula which is ammonia free hence safe for skin. It is fast drying and doesn't have any strong smell.

Warning: It contains latex so if you have any kind of latex allergies for eg. using products like gloves, balloons or with things made of rubber etc. Do a patch test.

Very easy and convenient to use as it comes in a full size (15ml) nail polish bottle.

Price: Rs.225 + Rs.50 shipping.
You are advised to add this item to your customized nail goody bag worth Rs.500 to avail FREE SHIPPING ! on whole bag

Please note: If you are purchasing other items also along with it shipping fees is applicable.

ILH-Peel Off Liquid Tape
Please read carefully before you use: Our product is safe for use on skin as it is ammonia free. It does contain latex so if you have any allergies with latex products like gloves balloon etc. please don’t use it. You can use to protect your skin around nails while doing gradient nails, water marbling, stamping or even for a clean nail polish application.
How to use: 1) Apply a thin layer around nails to create a barrier between skin and nail polish.
2) Let it dry completely before you start sponging, stamping or water marbling. It will take 1 to 2 minutes.
3) Keep the mouth of bottle always covered as it dries fast in air.
4) If you see that latex is dried on brush then simply peel it off and your brush is as new as before.
5) For any query contact: 9916915411 or email

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